Interview with Mrs. Eveline Preiss

Which breeds do you breed, have or show? I have bred Exotic for 30 years, American Curl LH and SH for 6 years, and I have 2 Kurilian Bobtail.
How long you are already a judge?   I am a judge since 1989.  
Do you have any preferred breed(s), or colour(s), or pattern? Which?   My great love are these breeds, which I have bred by by own. In particular I love the Exotic Shorthair. I enjoy especially the red, black and tortie tabby cats, because I have bred these colours since 30 years.  
    Mrs. Preiss with her American Curl SH male, red spotted with white.  
What is important for you, when you work as judge?
In your work, in the cats.
  It is very important for me that the cats are healthy, without any severe defects and that they groomed very well.
I judge all breeds according to the standard, which I also try to explain to the exhibitors.
Which hobbies – besides the cats – do you have?   I play the organ and piano, I like to read modern literature and make handcrafts in rare techniques, like knippling and tatting.  
Is there something else important, what you want to tell our visitors and exhibitors?   Exhibitions must be enjoyable, and here I value the fairness of exhibitors.  


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